Making A Difference

All every new parent wants is the very best for their new baby.

But sadly, not all pregnancies go to plan, which is why $1 from every purchase from Birdie Blossom will go towards Mater Little Miracles. 

Did you know …

  • More than 10 000 babies are born at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals each year, all affectionately known as ‘Mater little miracles’
  • More than 2000 seriously ill and premature babies are given around the clock care in Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU) each year
  • 18 days, 12 hours is the average time a premature baby spends in our NCCU before being able to go home
  • Mater employs 250 medical researchers who spend their days striving to find new treatments to help mothers and their babies. It will often become their life’s work
  • Mater's Maternal Fetal Medicine team pioneered life-saving in-utero surgery, which is performed on average 26 times per year, every two weeks


By supporting Birdie Blossom, you are helping Mater Hospital provide the very best care for those that need it most.

If you would like to find out more, or donate yourself, please go to

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